Town is trying to sell natural beauty for so-called ‘community benefits’

Deepwater has tried to lure the East Hampton Town Board and East Hampton Trustees. East Hampton should not sell out nature and the natural beauty of our iconic beach, known around the world, for so-called ‘community benefits.’

Over the 20-year term of the proposed Deepwater Wind contract, the $8.5 million face value of the proposed community benefits is equivalent to less than half of 1 pct. of the entire Town of East Hampton’s 2018 annual budget.[1] LinkedIn Elevate_How-To-Guide - Banking Securities_slide9

A significant portion of the ‘package’ goes to infrastructure (e.g., burying overhead electrical cables) that Deepwater Wind itself needs or contributions to ocean- and fish-related funds whose livelihoods Deepwater will impact. Marring our iconic beach – one of the most photographed scenes of the Hamptons – has no price, let alone when multiple reasonable alternative routes exist.

The Town would not get the ‘community benefits’ if Deepwater chose one of the alternate sites that go through State-owned land … wonder why they are selling out Beach Lane and Wainscott?

[1] Even assuming below-historic budget growth rates