Get up to speed quickly about the hedge-fund unit’s avarice


Deepwater files application without waiting for Town Trustees’ approval (Sept. 11, 2018). Article.

Highly contested vote (3-2) by Board of its intent to grant Deepwater an easement for Beach Lane. Article.

Hundreds of Wainscott residents and community members sign initial petition objecting to the Beach Lane. Article.

How Deepwater’s similar cable keeps getting exposed on Block Island’s beach. Article from Block Island Times on Aug. 17, 2018.

Overview of Deepwater’s frac equipment — heavy, noisy, fume-generating, construction equipment includes a drilling rig, mud pump, crane, generator, control cab, pipe trailer, two frac tanks, and a back hoe. Deepwater’s schematic.

Deepwater continues to hide true infrastructure that needs to be built to connect their wind farm to the electrical grid. Article.

Recent long-form article showing significant issues and a broader pattern of deception by Deepwater. Article.

Town Board claimed all the power is for the benefit of East Hampton … it clearly isn’t. Article.

PSEG admits in early November 2018 that (a) the wind farm will be larger than planned and (b) that not all of the power is just for East Hampton like Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc told the WCAC this summer. Article.

LIPA also planning to build a new power substation in Wainscott so it can also export the power to the rest of Long Island. (Deepwater and LIPA refuse to provide a full picture of all the different community costs going into their profiteering plan). Article.

Deepwater increases the capacity of its turbines by 44 percent. Article.

Block Island continues to wrestle with Deepwater months after its cable was exposed in August 2018. A preview of what would happen for us? Article.

Great Nov. 19, 2018, article about the major issues with the Wainscott landfall site. Article.


Hundreds (341+) of Wainscott residents and community members sign initial petition against Beach Lane route. Sept. 28, 2018, filing.

Petition for you to fill out. Petition.

Deepwater filings

Deepwater’s own filings that show alternative routes have much less impact than its money-making Beach Lane preferred route. Filing.

Comparison of the Beach Lane landing site to the State-owned Hither Hills alternative. Public Service Commission submission. Also see this table.

First time (Sept. 14, 2018) Deepwater informs Beach Lane residents (just a select few, too) of its intent to disturb the beach (just four days before filing its application with the New York State Public Service Commission). Letter.

Deepwater doubles the planned infrastructure quietly in its Oct. 17, 2018, filing with the Federal Bureau of Energy Management. Main Federal site. Volume I. Volume II appendices (look at G4 and G5).

Read additional objections to the Deepwater project here.

Wainscott continues to bear disproportional burden

Airport contaminants force Town to declare State of Emergency in Wainscott. Article.