Actions you can take now

We need your help now and it is the perfect time for action. Your immediate action is needed:

1. Send a message to the East Hampton Town Board.

2. Sign the petition. Please join more than 1,000 neighbors and community members who have already signed our petition. You can sign online here;

3. Register to vote now … make your voices heard. Not all of us have registered to vote in Wainscott, particularly, but not limited to, those who have second-homes here. Our small hamlet can seem even smaller to our elected officials. Our voices are, therefore, under-represented. We have had many neighbors write us thanking us for reminding them about this.

4. Send comments to the Secretary for the Commission at Tell them how special Wainscott is; examples of what the community means to you; let them know you are a strong supporter of conservation and renewable energy, particularly wind; let them know that Deepwater’s plans to run extra-high power cables ashore at Beach Lane and then throughout the hamlet of Wainscott is disruptive; that it is in not in the public interest to do that, particularly when Ørsted Deepwater itself has identified Hither Hills as a viable route; that there are clear advantages to that route (e.g., no residential area or farms there; precedent for using state parks for landing underwater power cables, both on Long Island and in other places where Deepwater has sited wind farms; the Hither Hills submarine cable route is shorter at 49.4 miles, than the Beach lane route at 61.4 miles – and shorter lines decrease energy losses; that you support the least intrusive landing site at Hither Hills and protects the bucolic character of our hamlet)

5. Contribute. Please send donations to Citizens for the Preservation of Wainscott, Inc., P.O. Box 816, Wainscott, N.Y. 11975. We are a non-partisan non-profit. As a 501c4, your donations are not considered tax-deductible by the IRS.