Our key points

Do the right thing, the right way

A for-profit company installing power cables will forever alter our sole, undivided community beach as well as the broader Wainscott hamlet (it plans to install at least 20 ocean shipping container-sized vaults throughout the community along its route)

Many alternative and more reasonable landing sites exist other than Beach Lane. Deepwater wants to land at Beach Lane and in Wainscott because it is its own least expensive option (See comparison)

Nearly all the already-identified alternative sites would have less impact than an iconic beach – one of the most popular, heavily used and photographed public beaches in the Hamptons

All of those reasonable alternatives – including options on both Town and State-owned properties, for example – would not disturb or run high-powered cables under a popular beach and allow Deepwater to construct the South Fork Wind Farm

The so-called ‘community benefits’ that Deepwater is proposing (and the Town and Trustees are lured by) amount to less than one half of one percent of the entire East Hampton Town budget over the 20 years of the contract

Finally, Wainscott already shoulders a disproportionate set of burdens for our broader community (e.g., water contamination, airport, airport noise)