Save Beach Lane and Wainscott Now (Petition)

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We demand that Deepwater Wind not disturb Beach Lane with its planned wind landing site and select one of the other, multiple viable alternative options

  1. We strongly believe in alternative energy sources, including wind and solar
  1. Our sole, undivided community beach will forever be altered by a for-profit (hedge fund-created) company installing a landing site
  • Beach Lane beach is already prone to erosion on its own (as we all see)
  • Permanent cable landing infrastructure on land and in the water will affect our beach, wildlife (incl. piping plover, fish) and community
  1. Multiple viable alternatives exist for the landing site for Deepwater Wind’s turbines to come ashore, as the for-profit company itself noted
  • Four other sites exist, including easily accessible state-owned sites
  • Nearly all those other sites have less impact on a public beach (even by Deepwater’s own filing Exhibit 3, Table 3.6.1 Alternative Landing Sites)
  • Moreover, running high-power electrical wires (think overhead power lines under your feet) have significant impacts on us and our children
  1. Deepwater wants to land at Beach Lane and through Wainscott because it maximizes its profits
  2. Board of Trustees barely approved (in its divided 3-2 vote in July) its plan to grant the easement to Deepwater Wind at Beach Lane
  3. The Hamlet of Wainscott itself is already shouldering a disproportionate set of burdens for our broader community. Examples include: (A) The Town had to declare a State of Emergency for water due to toxic chemicals from the airport. (B) We bear the brunt of noise and disturbance from the airport

We demand that the N.Y. State Public Service Commission, Town Trustees and Board, and Federal bureaus not allow Deepwater to disturb Beach Lane and the Hamlet of Wainscott with its planned landing site


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