Town pulls a fast-one at Feb. 7 Board meeting, barely approving premature and accelerated drilling

Deepwater’s request to bore two 100-foot holes and dig 194 holes throughout Wainscott was not on the published Town Board agenda for Feb. 7. But without public notice (and inconsistent with good government practices), Supervisor Peter van Scoyoc brought the resolution up anyway. So without public comment, a narrow majority of the Town Board (3-2) voted to allow Deepwater to accelerate its plan to run its high-powered lines through Wainscott with these geological and archaeological test pits. If these ‘tests’ are not controversial, then why no public comment and such secrecy?

Turns out also that neither the New York State Public Service Commission, nor the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management require these tests for Deepwater’s application to be deemed complete, nor have they requested them at this point.