Recently conducted independent analysis shows Hither Hills State Park to be superior route

Many alternative landing sites exist other than Beach Lane. Deepwater Wind itself proposed four alternative sites. Yet it was clear from the start that the private company wanted to land at Beach Lane; that site maximizes its own profits and financial returns to its investors.

A recent detailed and independent analysis of the project (as well as Deepwater’s own filings to the New York State Public Service Commission) shows that Beach Lane is an inferior site. PVE LLC, a full-service engineering and environmental consulting firm, and A. Page & Associates LLC, an energy consulting firm with expertise in electricity generation, transmission and distribution, and related regulatory proceedings, filed their independent findings with the New York P.S.C. on July 12, 2019.

ConsiderationsWainscottHither Hills
State Park
Consistent with past N.Y.
State practice of landing
power cables on State
Parks (e.g., Neptune,
Cable distance  
– Total (miles)65.561.1
– Submarine length (miles)61.449.6
Landfall site  
– Transition vault below water tableYesNo (40 feet
– Landing Site within or adjacent to Active
Farm Field
– Residential neighborhoodYesNo

– Number of residences within 500 feet180
– Landing Site within FEMA 100-year floodplainsYesNo
– Access paths to beach113+
– Usable beach100 feet1,600 feet
– Parking lots13+ plus
parking pads
– Parking spaces20247
Interconnection facility  
– Provide option to connect to alternative
connection points
– Provide option to shorten cable lengthNoYes
Transmission route  
– Option for partial aerial mountingYesYes
– Option for burying along wide shoulderNoYes
– Width of road pavement17 feet at
28 feet

To read the full report, please find it here:

As Deepwater said in its own filings, “Hither Hills presents a viable alternative landing site, with minimal environmental and historical property impact located on New York State-owned property.”

Besides, why would you run high-power lines underneath childrens’ feet if you do not have to?